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A Man said – I Love you my child!
I asked why is your love confined & defined?
Why restricted to your own children ?
What’s wrong with him or her?
& Why not love everyone?

Why you only love your child?
Don’t people who are blind
Feel the same? or Live in same time?
Today allĀ  are born..
Tomorrow all will die

What is they don’t have?
& Only with your child…

Aren’t all of us one of kind?
Blood, Flesh & Bone..
Exterior may be black or white
But all are red inside…

Don’t all feel the same emotion
Or that something unique to your child
Why is your love confined?

We all have legs…We all got the hands..
We all have the brain..
& We all can stand!

Everyone feels the pain
Joy or Pride..
We are the same
Religion is one- MANKIND!
How can your love be confined & Defined?

Water in the eyes
Hunger in the stomach
We may speak different language
But if we try we can understand them…

I Think you are selfish
I think you need to learn
All are god’s children
Put fence or create boundaries
Earth will burn…

Earth is a circle, Not a straight line
It denotes one..Don’t you divide
Some where it’s more water
Some where it’s ice
It’s all for one..
Why are your thoughts confined?

Hold each others hand
& Feel the pulse
Beats of life

Each day work for betterment of MANKIND!

Love You Child

Love You Child


Written by A.P

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