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What is love?
The blind trust?
A calculative step?
Pain in the night?
Or feeling of flying high!
What is love? Define!

It’s the feeling I carry for you!
A situation unsaid!
Eyes will speak the rest!
Exterior may speak something else
But inside it’s deep darkĀ hell

All I want want to see you happy!
Did I define love well?
Better unsaid
Try to prove & Things take backstep

Things need to change
Let’s see how!
Come with me & Hear me out
Try & Get it!
It’s feeling hard to find
Heart out!

Hey babe!
I’m here! What do you want tell me!
Hey babe! Don’t worry
Take it slow
Don’t hurry

The things you feel,
It’s just a phase
I’m sure! If you be calm,
It will wash away!

Hey babe! Do you trust me?
I’m here! Do you love me?

I Love you more than anything else,
I give you edge over myself
I let you make me naive!
I flow into your flow
I have a dark side who follow you like shadow
where ever you go!

Dark side it love you too
He wants you same as I do!
He want you so bad,
That he forgets his limit!
He just wanna grab you & kiss you
Anything else to Hell with it!

He want you like I do!
He overshadows me like you do!
I’m stuck between you & Other me who want’s you!
It’s all you!
Everything I’m here to loose

I get scared of this fact may be all this don’t impact
Both of you winners in your ways
He gets crazy!
He gets mad!
I’m scared of you being sad!

I’m left in between & Have nothing to react!
I Love You baby!
Hope You Understand!




Written by A.P

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