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Should I say it?
Or keep it to myself
What in the world I should do?
God please little help..

Should I come needy..
Or time do it’s trick
When it’s hard not to think of you
To what  should I stick?

Will you appreciate it
Or be scared away
Do you think the same way?
Or I ‘m just losing brain

It’s tricky
I don’t know what to do!
I want to say it all
But I don’t wanna lose you

Will you say yes or no?
Or will you let me go
Or you won’t even bother
I got the questions
But answers I don’t know!

I question myself
In the night
May be day will change things
I just need to hold tight

When exactly is the right time..
Answer I need to find

Is it wrong being vulnerable
Is it wrong going with the flow?
For the one time not be practical
& Let the emotion take hold

I’m letting it swallow me!
Let it control my mind!
Now lets see what you gotta say!


Love Me? Love Me Not?

Love Me? Love Me Not?


Written by A.P

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