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Am I Out Of Ideas?
Am I Out Of Words?
How Badly I Wanna Write!
But Can’t Up With It, It’s Absurd!

How I Wanna Convey To The World
Show The Face Of Reality!
How It’s All Hidden Or Blur!
How Truth Hides
And Show It In My Work

Write Songs Of Love!
Come Up With Rhymes Unheard!
Chirping Beautiful Sound Of Free Birds!
Or Mystery Chilling Silence Of The Earth
Each Alphabet Like A Pearl

So Beautiful
From Depth Of Seas Coming Up
I Wanna Write And Write
What Is Meaning Of Life
Given To Us

Can I Pen It All Down
I Wanna Write What I Have Found
Give As It Comes
Cause This Life We Only Live Once!

Can I Write Stories That Starts With Once?
Once Upon A Time
There Was A Writer Named- Lurk!
Who Wanted To Write
But Was Not Able To Come Up With Words

So He Thought Is He Done?
Cause No Matter How Much He Tried
He Seemed To Be Lost First!
Nothing Came Up In His Mind
But He Wanted To Write So Much

So He Decided To Write No Matter What
This Is Lust!




Written by A.P

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