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Man Of Few Words
Are You Hurt?
Why Do You Keep All To Yourself?
& Live In A Small Little World?

Silence Is The Music..
Music Less Heard!
Imagination Is The Bird..
I Let It Fly…Let It Unfurl.

Man Of Few Words..
Are You Stuck In A Cage?
Why Don’t You Let It All Out?
Let It Unchain..

Speak Your Mind..
Let People Know You Are Sane
Don’t Live In Agony
& Don’t Live In Pain!

Why Don’t People Understand?
No Two Are The Same..
Let’s Appreciate The Difference
& Go Our Own Way..

Happy Being Quiet!
Happy Being ME!
I’m Man Of Few Words..
Don’t Mistake Me For Weak

Why Is It SO Important To Speak?
Actions Speak Louder Than Words, Isn’t It?
Courage & Will,
I Keep To Myself
& Never Let It Spill

Smile On The Face,
For It’s Life & The Chase..
I’m Man Of Few Words
& Got What It Takes..


Man Of Few Words

Man Of Few Words


Written by A.P

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