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What A Man Can Do To Another Man!
Wars And Fights
Plotting Horrible Plans!
It’s Time You Understand!

Guns And Tanks
Army And It’s Ranks!
Commanding Officer And Commands
Go And Fight In Enemy Land!

Make Us Proud
Kill As Many As You Can!
Who’s More Powerful?
The One Who Murders Most Will Determine That!
For Your Gory Glory We Will Scribble Your Name On Plaque

Salute The Flag!
While Anthems Been Played
Get Up And Stand!
Drenched In Power And For Control Gone Mad!
Face All Bright But Soul Gone Black!

Religion Used As Scape Goat
And This One Is Fat!
Money Rolls In That’s The Fact!
Stacks And Stacks Of Cash!

Helps Control Masses
That’s Why Wars Never Banned
The Reason Is Ego Clash!
Who Got The Upper Hand?
Control Over Resources!

Killing Each Other To Feel Like Man!
Happy Doing It So And No Where Sad!
Most Intelligent Animal
But Seems To Be Cracked!

Wars Kills More Number Of People
Than Any Other Disease
AIDS Or Plague By Rats!
I’m Talking Stats!

So Many Innocent Being Attacked!
Man To Man!
Man Needs To Watch Out How It Reacts!
And Clean Up It’s Act!
Point Blank!

Man To Man

Man To Man


Written by A.P

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