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We All Are Guest!
On The Earth – The Nest!
With Soul, Bones And Flesh!
May You Appreciate It’s Value!
Which Helps You In Your Quest!

May You Get The Opportunity To Prove Yourself!
And May You Prove It And Get All The Help!
May You Get Stronger And Stronger
With Each Problem You Felt And Dealt!

May You Jump Every Obstacle
And Don’t You Let!
Any Chance Be Left!
May You Never Let Anything Mess With Your Head!

May You Be Calm And Clear!
Never Panic And Be In State Of Rest!
May You Put Your Best Step
Forward And Ace Time And It’s Test!

May You Never Let Anxiety And Stress
Take Best Of Your Health!
May You Never Let Your Liveliness Be Oppressed!
May You Sing And Hum Songs With Zest!

May You Do All You Want!
And Get Every Burden Off Your Chest!
May You Always Feel Fresh!
May You Always Be Your Best!

May You!

May You!


Written by A.P

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