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Trying to take control
& Not let things go…
Why? Why??
Won’t I go with flow..
Is it horrible?
Is it too bad?
I don’t know…

I’m the human
Why won’t little things I let them go..
Why do I bog down?
Is it cause I expect?
Why should I die with regret?

Fighting everything
Trying to make sense
I’m afraid of the word “REPENT”

When will serendipity visit?
I might lose it!
Waiting with crossed legs
Is it too hard moving??

Waiting for things to happen
Events to occur
Planning & Planning non-stop
For something better

Calculative steps
& My soul unrest

Ticking like time bomb
It will explode
Torn down to pieces
My alter ego..

Outside I’m calm
Inside it’s violent
When will mind…When will you be silent?
When will I understand & Appreciate the silence??
I can’t put up more with this violence

Mayhem in lives
Everywhere is fight
Outside I live
But inside I die
I’m close to hitting rock bottom
& This feels nice

I’m enjoying the pain
I’m feeling alive
I’m always running from it – The life!

No matter where I Be nothing satisfies
My name is HUMAN CHILD!!
& Greed Never Dies..




Written by A.P

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