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I try to be bold..
Always keep my feelings and emotion on hold,
Sometime just a smile makes me go the mile..
Sometimes even joker make me cold and lonely inside,

But what the heck,
Life never stops there..
People were reaching everywhere..
Every second I wasted in feeling cold and unwanted,
Someone achieved in the world the thing he wanted!

So, Why waste my time in being naive!?
Why not give life a chase!
Why not go out and play..

Why sit in the dark corner of room and struggle..
When in the same time I can go out and jump all the hurdles!

It’s just matter of thinking that’s wasting my time..
From now onwards I’m gonna try and do
What it makes me achieve great heights!
Jump of the cliff or swimming in the sea..

What Ever It Takes To Be ME!!





Written by A.P

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