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Who Are We Up And Against?
Against Who We Fought Most Of Our Debates?
Isn’t Our Worse Enemy Our Own Brain?

It’s All About Whether
Our Thoughts Are Chained Or Unchained!
It Can Make Us Do And Feel Good Or Bad
And Tool In Use Is Same
It’s Brain And Subconscious Messages It Conveys

To Self It Betrays
Who Will Come And Who Will Save?
In Clutches Of Our Thought We Don’t Feel Safe
When Our Thoughts And Doubts Are Untamed

Am I Talking Sense?
Am I Talking Sane?
It Speaks Both For And Against!

It Smile And Even Cries In Pain
Every Second The Thoughts Change
Isn’t Life One Big Mind Game?

Either Our Mind Controls Us
Or We Control It
On What Basis
Can One Describe Who Is Sane?
And Who Insane Is?

Isn’t With Self We Should Be Best Friend With?
Encouraging Self To Go And Win!
It’s All About What Mind Speaks
Do You Keep Going?
Or Do In Fears You Give In?

It’s Mind Over Matter
And Do You Make Your Dream Count
It’s All About Effort
Or Do You Let Them Shatter
Fear Is Nothing But Make Believe
Mind Chatter

It’s All In Your Control
And You Will Win For Sure
Know Your Power And Let It Unfold

There Is No Need To Be Scared
You Just Need To Clear Your Thoughts
And Catch Some Fresh Air

In A Day Your Life Will Change
Just Tame The Mind
And Have Your Ways
Life Is One Big Mind Game!

Mind Games

Mind Games


Written by A.P

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