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I’m The Evil And Good Deed
I’m The One Who Wakes Up And Sleep
I’m The One Who Is Mean
I’m The One Who Is Keen

I’m The One
Not You..He… Or She
I’m Reflecting Myself With Words I Speak

But No You Are Not Any Different From Me
We All Face The Same Psyche
More Than Others With Myself I Speak
My Thoughts Create The World I Lead
My Belief Becomes My Reality

Hanging Onto Thoughts
I’m My Worst Enemy
I Ever Fought

I Can Change
I Can Be Free
Reflecting My Image
You Are The Mirrors I Seek

Delicate Straps
We All Carry That Emotion Bag
With Time Changing
And Vision I Keep Gaining
I Keep Changing My Definition Of Good And Bad

Experience Of Being
Guiding Me Towards What I Need To Be
Free Of Fears And Greed

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall
Who Is Good And Meanest  Of Them All?

It’s Me!

“Bura Jo Dekhan Main Chala,
 Bura Na Milaya Koi
 Jo Man-Khoja Apna
 To Mujhse Bura Na Koi”   – Kabir





Written by A.P

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