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Doing The Monkey Business
Following The Orders?
Are You Or Are You Not Doing Your Job With Honor?
Dare You Question The Integrity

What Is Wrong And Right?
Dare You Work Your Mind
It’s All Justified
When Following Rules That Seem To Be Air Tight
Comply The Orders Pre Defined
Dare You Improvise

Killing Each Other For Nations Sake
You Ask What Gave It Away?
We Are Not Taught To Be One Human Race
But Human Defined By Where Born
At What Time , Which Place?
Isn’t Earth A One Planet
A Single Name?
Earthlings We All Are
More Love, Less Hate

Killing Million Innocent
For Corrupted Few
What They Upto?
Did You Look For Clues?
I Thought Globalization Was Introduced
To Exchange More Than Service And Goods

Why The War?
Why Not Peace?
So What They Look Different From Me?
But They Are Also Human Beings
But Cause War Induces Money Into System
In Name Of Nation Security And Relief

Money That Can Be Ill-Treated
And Distributed Between The Few
While Tax Payers Die
People Exempt From Tax Enjoy The View
It’s All Done On Our Expenses
I Thought You Knew!

Wait And Stop To Question
The System Is Corrupt
Lets Send Them To War
Who Makes It Seem Justified And Correct

Lack Of Jobs
People Join The Killing Factory
Exploiting Human Fears And Insecurity
Killing Each Other To Earn Living, For Money!

From Army We Get Our Salary
Programmed And Brain Washed To Join The Slavery
And Been Tagged Bravery!

Join The Resistance
It’s Not Medal Of Honor
But Medal Of Height Of Ignorance
Proud Stars Shining On The Shoulder
Award For Killing The Innocent?

It’s All Monkey Business
Of Corporations
It’s The Money
Dictating Piece Of Paper!

Monkey Business

Monkey Business


Written by A.P

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