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This World Is So Divine!
But I Have Gone Blind
I Call Myself Spiritually Inclined
But Man Oh Man!
I’m Distracted All The Time!

With Endless Chatter In My Mind!
I’m Not Able To Sit Quite
Enjoy The Vibe
The Negativity, The Fear It Recites And The Fight
This Is The Struggle Of Mine!

I Have Crammed All The Quotes
And Read All The Lines!
This Was Quoted By Buddha
This Was Said By The Christ!

It’s Said To Be Kind
What You Will Seek, You Will Find!
Fear Is Make Believe
Power To It, I Assign!
My Life Is Mine To Design!

But Still I Fret And Struggle
With Myself
Day And Night!
Waiting For Something To Hit Me
Epiphany To Strike!

This Moment I’m Happy
And Very Next I Cry
The Uncertainty Part Haunts Me
Nothing Is Constant All The While!

Where Are The Answers Really?
Are They Inside?
Cause All I Hear Is
My Monkey Mind!

Monkey Mind!

Monkey Mind!



Written by A.P

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