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Holding Hands In Public Is Wrong
Killing In Wars Is Right
Stay Away From Alien Enemy
You Will Be Penalized
All Of Sudden It’s Wrong To Save Human Life

Religion Is Molded In Such A Way
That It Becomes A Question
Which Religion Is Superior
And Why The Answer Is Always Mine?
The Stereotype

This Is Moral Policing
With Beacon Red Light
Moral Policing For Power
Promoting Hatred And Fights
Why Is For Oil, Money And Resources
Destruction Is Justified?

In The Name Of Moral Policing
It’s Manipulation All The Time
Spreading Propaganda
With Help Of Media
For Benefit Of Crooked Mind

It Only Helps Elite
The Big Corporate With Big Banners That Shine
Corporates That Promote
The Way To Happiness Is To Buy

Eat Fast Food, Even If Health It Spoils
Burn Oil, even If It Create Turmoil
Nature Is Termed Illegal
While Medicines With Major Side-Effects Are Legalized

With Camera Installed In Every Corner
And Tracking Of Mobile
Every Move Of Everyone
Monitored Day And Night

In The Name of Growth And Benefit For Mankind
It’s Moral Policing
Not Based On Any Logical Law
But Based On Pride!

It’s Corruption In Disguise
Moral Policing With Beacon Red Light
We Are Living Under Surveillance
And Anarchy Is The Choice

Moral Police

Moral Police


Written by A.P

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