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It’s Heavy
It’s Intense
Is My Soul Trapped Within The Body
Serving It’s Time
The Sentence

When Will It Be Free, When?
I Heard There Is Life After Death
So, It Never Ends?
Is This Life Suppose To Be With Questions In Mind
Doubts In The Head

What Does Time Wanna Revel?
Will Soul Ever Catch A Breath?
Where Are The Answers Kept?
How To Be Happy With Self?

Or Everyone Just Dies With Regret?
Is God Really Out There
Who Sees All And Help
Are Sinners Really Held?
Or It False Concept?

Does It Make One Weak
Standing Alone Against The Sheep
Speaking The Truth And Breaking False Believes

Why Do Company We Keep?
We Lie To Each Other And Happily We Sleep
Is This Life All About Psychological Need?
The One Who Speaks The Truth Seem To Bleed

Following The Evil
What About Karma
And Good Deeds?

Questions, Doubts And Myth
In This Life Are Filled
What Life Really Is?
Is It Really Hard To Live?

What Does Being Human Means?
Is There Any Higher Purpose To It?
What Is All This?

Is It Mystery Or Myth!

Mystery Or Myth

Mystery Or Myth


Written by A.P

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