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Does The Universe Always Settles The Score?
Yes Or No?
Do We Get What We Deserve?
Or Is There Always More?

How Does The Universe Work?
Why Don’t Answers Unfold?
Or The Question
Really Out Of Proportion Blown!

Is Karma A Real Thing?
Are We Really Sure?
If We Do Only Good!
Then All The Bad Will Be Gone?

Do We Really Know?
Or Should We Let It Go!
Take Things As They Come
And Not Mourn

Any Book With Answers?
Any Author So Mature?
Someone Who Can Be Short, Crisp And Precise
That It Describe What We Looking For!

Aren’t We Looking To Be Secure?
Unexpected Haunts Us
Aren’t We All Looking
For Some Or The Other Cure!

How Does Happiness Add?
How Does Sorrow Subtracts?
How Does Love Multiply?
What Is The Math?

Can Universe Be Figured Out
With A Formula?
A Trick To Answer Questions
Of The Man!

Any Book That Answers Back!?
Or Should We Just Enjoy
And Be Glad
For What We Have!

Is There Any Set Of Formula
A Rule To Follow
This Is Good And
This Is Bad!

Are Answers Anywhere Given?
To Questions Which Drives Us Mad!
Aren’t We All Looking For Tricks
To Solve The Universe Maths!

Mystic Math

Mystic Math



Written by A.P

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