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Boulder On Your Shoulders
You Carry It To The Top
You Do It Everyday
You Do It Nonstop

The Voices That Mocks :
“Why Do You Do It
Out Of It What Have You Got?
You My Friend Are Struggling
You Seems To Be Struggling A Lot”

The Absurdity Of It Is
You Think That Problems Ever Stops
It’s A Constant Deja Vu
In A Life Too Short

You Become Superior To Your Problems
When You Are Conscious Of Your Thoughts
“I Have Done It
I Can Do It
After All So Many Wars I Fought”

Remember It’s A Myth That Boulder Will Ever Stop
It Will Roll Down The Hill
But You Have Done It So Many Times
Now You Know How To Get It To The Top!

The Myth

The Myth


Written by A.P

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