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When Nature Will Take Control!
Humans Will Be Left To Play No Role!
Endless Destruction
And Death Will Take Their Toll!

No Matter How Much Money You Own
Silver Or Gold!
Be The Richest Person Listed In Forbes!
Earth Will Shake
And Volcano’s Will Explode

Beneath Your Feet
Ground Won’t Hold!
It Will Consume You In And Spit You Out!
And Money Won’t Bring Any Relief
Would No Longer Be The Cure!

Learn To Respect Nature
Before It Takes Control!
We Are It’s Humans
And What Do We Have To Show For!?
Extracting Resources Till There Is No More!

From Earth There Is No Where To Go!
It’s Our Only Home!
But A Piece Of Paper And It’s Greed
Takeing It’s Hold!

We Making Earth A Hell Hole!
With Cutting Of Trees
And Depletion Of Ozone!
Global Warming, Plastic And Chemicals
Acid Rain That Corrodes

Nothing So Far Has Changed By Giving Votes!
They Promote Destruction
And Wear A Blindfold
In The Name Of Growth!

Human Is Nothing
In Front Of Natures Force
Human Should
Before Nature Takes Control!

Nature Vs Humans

Nature Vs Humans


Written by A.P

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