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Will I Give Up?
Will I Give In?
Will I Hand Over My Gloves
Or Will I Steal A Win?

Will I Be My Own Destruction?
The Reaper, The Grim!
Or Will I Rise Above The Situation
And Knock Off Egoistic Grin!

Will I Take Chances
Even When They Are Slim!
Will My Dreams I Ever Be Living?
Or Just Keep On Thinking!

Enough Of Day Dreaming!
It’s Time To Drag Power From Within!
To Keep On Going
And Take Chances
Even If Chance Be Paper Thin!

I Will Rise Back Again
That’s My Thing!
Pain No Matter How Excruciating
Even After Taking Ton Of Beating
I Will Keep On Repeating!

I Will Keep On Fighting!
Enough Of Planning!!
It’s Time To Start Climbing
Cause It’s All Now!
There Can’t Be Better Timing!

I Will Never Give In!
I Will Keep On Rising
Till I Win!
This Battlefield I Am Not Leaving!
And I Have Decided!

Not Scared Of The Threats!
I Will Rise Back Again And Again
With Every Ounce Of Energy Left!
Either I Will Win Or I Will Be Dead!

Never Say Die!

Never Say Die!


Written by A.P

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