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Have You Given Up The Hope?
And Lost Your Soul!
Didn’t You Wish To Catch Your Dreams
Why Getting Slow?

Get Up And Believe
And Off You Go!
Drag Out The Dragon
That Nobody Knows

The Urgency, The Desire, The Fire
It’s Time You Show
To Get Stronger And Climb Higher
What More?

Against World And The Wind!
The Power Within
Intensity Running In Veins
Be Drenched In

When All Is Lost
How Can There Be More Pain?
All I See Now Is Gain
Be Insane

Desire To Prove The Mettle
It’s Time You Show
Of What You Are Made

Be Drenched In Intensity
It’s Time To Make Your Place!
Never Surrender
Until You Win The Game!




Written by A.P

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It is necessary to be strong to become great; this is our duty. Life is a struggle from which we cannot withdraw, but we must triumph. – St Padre Pio


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