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There’s Nothing Right In Living Sad
There’s Nothing Wrong In Happily Dying
Is There Something Wrong In Committing Suicide With A Smile?
Who’s To Decide?

You!, With Your Prejudice!
You Calling It A Crime?
Don’t We All Think Of It
The Meaning Of Life!?

All The Suffering And Pain
Tortures Thoughts Reside
And Constant Fear Inside
Yes, It’s All Self Inflicted
We All Just Biding Our Time

Anxiously Waiting For It To Arrive
Till Then Bearing All The While
Pretending To Be A Alive
So What If I Took A Step
I Took A Decision And Decision Was Mine!

Nothing Is Holier Than This
No One Influenced  My Mind
I Talked Myself Into It
And There Was  Nothing More Dearer To Me
Nothing More Prized

“I” The Disappointed Believer,
The Optimistic Committed  Suicide
I Hated People And Their Insufferable Grin
Their Wilful Ignorance

And Society Turning Blind
Is Anything Left Sacred?
Optimistic Don’t Need Your Funeral Rites
I Happily Did It
So No Need To Cry!

To Be Or Not To Be?
Dilemma In You Rise
It Matters What We Do..
My Skull Made You  Think About Life
I “Yorick” As I Stare Into Nihilist Eyes




Written by A.P

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