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You Are The Ink In My Pen
When I Write You Give Me Strength
Thinking Of You And Thinking What You Might Have Felt

I’m Alone, But You Consume My Mind
That’s Where Strength I Find.
You Give Me Courage
You Make Me Rhyme

It Makes Me And Breaks Me At Times
Is This Love?
Is It Wrong Or Is It Right?
Do I Really Need To Rationalize?

Or Let Love Be Crazy And Stupid
And Let It Drive!

Can I Say You Are Mine?
Can I Say You Are My Life?
You Give Meaning To This Place!
No More Just Black And White
You Are Color In My Eyes

Wasting Day By Day
Hey Nirvana!
You Are What I’m Trying To Attain!

You Give Emotions To The Music
So I Feel It
And Depth To The Sound
It’s You All Around

Building And Monuments Are The Same
Character And Depth
Is What I Found!

Hey Nirvana Claim Me!
Is The Physical Presence Necessary?
I Attain You When I Close My Eyes!

Sunset Or Sunrise
Crashing Water At Shores, Tides!
Age Old Trees
And Mountains Too High To Climb!
You Give Me Strength
You Make Me Rise!

Nirvana You Reside Inside!
Is This Too Complicated A Feeling
Or Is It Totally Fine?

Absorb Me In You
Absorb Me Hey Light!
Consume Me
Consume My Life

You Made Me Disappear
But You Made Me Realize!

Hey Nirvana!
It’s You I Find
Let Me Sound Possessive
You Are Mine!

Let Me Taste, Touche And Feel You
You Are Depth Of The Seas
And Mountains High

In The Whole World
It’s You I Find!
Hey Nirvana!
Hey Light!

I Wanna Grow With And Not Apart
Thinking Of You And
All Of Sudden My Life Means A Lot!




Written by A.P

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