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Let’s Put Aside The War
And Reach For The Stars
Not Be Shortsighted
And Think Of The Far!

The Time Is Really Short!
But We Busy With Guns And Shots
Killing Each Other On The Spot
Victims Of The Plot

They Feeding Misleading Emotions
Subliminal Thoughts
Do You Even Know
What The War Is For?

You Sort Of?
It’s More Money And Profit They Want Dog!
Honesty Is What They Falling Short On!
Even If Societies Fall Off!
You Think It’s People They Are fond Of?

Think Again!!
Reality Been Hidden
Behind The Long Walls!
Willful Ignorance
That’s How They Control Mob!

They Growing Their Empires
Justifying Wars Which Is All Wrong!
It’s One Big Fraud!
Think Again Who Is At Fault?

You Know Nothing
And It Seems Like You Know It All!
That’s The Trick They Pull
On Our Ignorance They Growing Strong!

Reach For Stars
And Halt, Stop The War!
Greet Each Other With Acceptance
We All Are The Same

And They Misinform!
Remember The Bigger They Are
The Harder They Fall!
No Don’t Go For Wars!

Stop And Think Once More!
Aim For Stars Together
Don’t Bombard Each Other
With Bombs!

NO, DON'T!!!!

NO, DON’T!!!!


Written by A.P

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