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I got no caste,
I got no religion!
Everyone is from the same land
Where come & go Four seasons,

How can it make a Difference!?
I can pray in mosque or in some prison,
I can bow down in temple or burn candles without any reason
Everywhere there will be only one who will listen,

The one who will listen to people grievance..
The one who will understand every word & expression..
If  “HE”  believes,
For him everyone is same,
Why can’t we  believe that there also only one who goes by the GOD name!
Why Fights And Wars On Religion Sake?

Is Within Every Being..
It drives people to the right direction…
Place filled with emotional satisfaction,
Something Which Can’t Be Seen..
But Can’t Stop To Feel

He loves all his people,
We divided  people in cast & religion!
We bow down everywhere
In church, In temple,
In mosque, In front of different shrine…
But there’s nothing pure,
All got divide..

And thanks to the ego
Human Won’t bend low..
Theory is that,
The one who will show his attitude for long..
That One is bound to feel strong!

And here comes the irony,
We sing in anthems all are one!
But ready to burn one another..

No Religion For Me..
But I Want Spirituality And Peace!

No Religion For Me!

No Religion For Me!


Written by A.P

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