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Don’t be the slave to the system..
Be A man of the wisdom
Don’t be confined by the locks
Use your thinking..
Think out of the box!!

Don’t let anyone tell you how to feel..
Now you should smile, & Now you should weep…
What is this??
Restrictions unlock them out..
You are more powerful than you been told about

Just find it in you…What you want?
Don’t let anyone tell you What to do & what to not!!
You got a free will
But do remember the difference between good & The evil!

Don’t pay much heed
You are beautiful as it is..
As said “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder
You are strong!! Straighten Up those shoulders!

No! you are not obliged to sleep..
Wake up & Catch your dreams
There’s a wolf within the sheep
The One Who is giving the speech-

“I Care for you..
So I want you to be safe within the box
No-No don’t go out it’s very hot”

See by your eyes & Believe what you see
Fuck the words
They meant to please
What happened to your inner voice ?Can’t you hear it within?
You are free to think…

There is a all new world behind
The “Caution Do Not Cross”  banner
& Watching beyond the crowd shoulder

Find your inner voice &
Let it take hold
You are free …You should know!
So see beyond what you shown
Use mind of your own…

You are beautiful , Take control!


Not A Slave To The System !

Not A Slave To The System !


Written by A.P

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