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My Wealth Status
Is Of Millionaire
But Status Of Mind
Is Of Miser

Why Do Poor Seem Safer?
And Seem Much Wiser!
I Can Buy Tickets And Fly
But My Spirits Still Wants To Do Better And Rise Up!

My Status Symbol Might Be High
But Poor People’s Luxury Of Comfort… Much Higher
In My Mind, My Thoughts… I’m Poor!
Is This What Really Determines Us?

Does My Worth Mean Anything?
I Might Be Too Naive To Say It Doesn’t
But Still Few Things Of Others Always Seems Better
And Nicer!

My Spirit Inside Always Fighting
The Exterior “The Body” Is One Big Liar
It Will Pretend Happy
But Inside It Always Burns And Aches
The Nonperishable Fire!

The Jealousy, The Vanity And The Endless Desire
Consumed By Materials
Showing As If It Matters
Just So To Be Admired

Sorrow Consumes
And I’m Tired
And Money Is Not What All There Is!
There Are Others Things Required!

Our Stock Of Wealth
Our Status Decider?
Or Quality Of The Thoughts And The Mind!
Is What Should Determine Us?!

Not Enough!

Not Enough!


Written by A.P

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Laura Jenkins Orr

You sound so lonely and lost, I just want to hold you and make you feel better! Money’s only as good as the good done with it! Otherwise, it’s pointless, useful but pointless.


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