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Did Something Happen
Something Bad Or Something Good?
Difference Between
Where You Stand
And Where You Could?

Are You On Your Way
As You Should?
Or Still Standing Where You Stood
If You Won’t Move
Then Who Would?

It’s Upto You
How You Make Do!
What Happened, Happened!
No Point Being Blue!

Everything Matters
From Inch To Foot!
It Matters
How You Look!

At The Life
And Life Looks The Same Way At You Too!
Past We Can’t Undo!
But We Can Start New!

What Matters Is
How You Shape Your Views!
Until And Unless You Give Up
You Never Lose!

We Can Come Through!
It’s How We Deliver The Dreams Due!
What Matters Is How We Break The Loop!
What Matters Is
Now What Are You Gonna Do!

Now What Are You Gonna Do?

Now What Are You Gonna Do?


Written by A.P

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