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OBEY The Advertisements Shown
Buy The Products Being Sold
But Why?
Dare You Try And Know
Just Do As Being Told

It’s All About Material
Collect Them All
So To Be Happy
Dare You Wake Up
To The Harsh Reality
Just Happily Fall Asleep

Follow The Green Line Of Greed
Fall In Traps And Die In Between
Understood It’s A Beautiful Silent Dream
Not Harsh Reality That Screams

OBEY The Goods And The Green
Dare You Ask The Quality
And Background Of Product They Feed
How It Is Made?
How It Effects?
Simply Put It’s Made For You
Advertisement Will Convince You The Rest

Playing With Our Brain
Conditioning It And Trying To Tame

It’s Fools Game As We Play
Making Us Foolish With Big Names
Monsanto, G.M.O

Companies Exploiting The Labors Extracting
Coal Or Gold
Paradox Is For Them Both Are The Same
No Matter What They Extract
Same Amount Of Money They Make
Life Hard To Sustain
With Labors Wage

But Big Names
Still In Books Goodwill They Maintain
I Wonder How?
Who Should Be Ashamed?
The One Who Buys?
Or The One Who Sales?

OBEY The Greats
OBEY The Television And Big Names
Discouraging Our Brain
To Think Beyond
And Not To Think We All Are Same
One Big Human Race

But No We Are Lower, Middle And Upper Class Of Economy
We All Are Tax Payers
Some Pay With Sweat And Money
And Some Money Without Sweating





Written by A.P

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Morgan Kanae

I love this. It’s so true. It makes me happy to know I am not alone but sad to think that so many turn a blind eye. I don’t know why we can’t seem to all wake up. Thank you for your post of your poem.


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