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No Need To Occupy Wall Street
First, We Need To Keep A Check On Our Greedy Deeds
No Need To Occupy Building And Cities
We Need To Occupy First Our Own Evils!
Evil Is The One Who Is Not Afraid Of Stealing

For Benefit Of Self
It Readily Steals From The Poor
And The Way Evil Lures
It All Seems Justified To The Doer

Behind The Good It Hides!
The Things It Does
In Disguise
In The End It Makes All Seem Justified
That’s How It Sleep Peacefully At Nights

With No Side Effect Of Doing A Crime
With Smirky Smile, It’s Evil Inside!
It Washes The Thoughts
And For Self it Wants All
No Matter Other Suffers Or Not!

To The Weaker Ones , It’s Mean!
From The Poor Ones, It Steals!
The Better Ones, It Tries To Beat
Evil Hard To Defeat
On Ego It Feeds
Kill The Darkness
That’s The First Step And The Need!

When We All Do Good Together And Unite!
It Will Be A Better Place
Where Good Will Survive

It All Starts Inside!
Evil Inside Needs To Be Occupied!
Anarchy Is A State Of Mind
No Law Or Police Could Control It
It’s Way Of Life!

Let Your “Ego And Greed” Go
These Are The Names To The Evils We Assign
We Don’t Need Wars!
We Need Peace And Understanding
To turn Things Alright

We Need People With Helping Hands To Turn Things Around
We Need Tender Heart
Who Been Bitten Down
By Own Self And The Evil Inside They Found

With Self Who Has Fought?
The Ones Who Murdered Their Evil Thoughts!
Their Brains And Heart They Have Occupied!
Not In Buildings
But Evil Reside Inside!




Written by A.P

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