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Won’t I Get Up?
To change The World
Where Animals Are Killed
And I See Less And Less Flying Birds

Where Trees Been Cut
To The Ground
Greed Prevails
Plastic All Around

Where Nature Seems Of Lesser Value
And Money Is What Everyone Counts!
Where I Hear Slaughter, Grief And Sigh Sounds

Where Buildings Are Build Sky High
Mountains Been Cut
Destroying The Life

It’s The Reality Of Our Time
Face It!
Being Human Seem To Be The Biggest Crime!

Filled With Ego
And Trying To Fill The Void
Won’t We let it Be?
And In Pursuit Not Destroy!

Where Ants Work For Each Other
And Human Busy Killing
Brothers And Sisters
Polluting The Soil

Where Ocean Been Polluted
Dumping Waste And Oil
Where Humans Killed In Wars And Haste
All In Vain

I Don’t Know What To Think!
Won’t I Get Up To Change?
Where Thousands Die As I Blink!

Destroying The Earth
As We Making Bigger Plans To Live
Where Show Off Is Of Bigger Buildings
And Humans Is On Spree To Kill

Material Goods
Where Nature Destroyed
And Trees Cut For Wood

Welcome To The Life!
Where For Humans To Be Alive
Every Other Things Should Die
It’s One Big Planet

Home Of Many Species To Survive
Plastic Is Homicide!
But Destroying Everything In It’s Way
Human Thrive

Ocean Of Grief

Ocean Of Grief


Written by A.P

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