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The World Is Full Of Evil
How Can We Deal With It?
Crimes Are Committed Freely!
Greed Prevails And People Easily Give In!

For Benefit Human Goes On Killing!
Killing The Trust
Killing The People
Killing The Phrase – “Believe Me” And It’s Meaning!

The Word Humanity Is Ruining
By Humans And His Doings
Human Not In Tuning
With It’s Soul

And Not Listening
Silence Is Gold
Creating Noise Where Ever It Goes
Destroying Nature

Trying To Take Control
To Feel Content
Cause Human Is Insecure
Feeding Their Egos

They Want More Resource
All They Want Is More And More
Sit In Silence And
Answers Will Unfold

Confront Yourself With Question
Which Might Be Bold
“What I Am Doing?”
And “Why Am I Doing It?”

What Is The Cure?
Try Doing The Right And
Tantrums Might Be Thrown!
Don’t Be Afraid of Opposition
And Soon The Evil Will Be Gone!

Stand Alone For The Truth
And Fight For
It’s Not What You Are Told
But What You Talk With Your Soul

Do You Give Into Evil And Lured
Feeding On Vanity It Never Goes
Before You Go Forth
Be Sure

To Talk With Self And Listen To “OM”





Written by A.P

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