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A Conflict Between Mind & Eyes?
It Gets hard To Just Realize The Lies!
The Eyes Says See
The Mind Says Think!
What’s Right & What’s Wrong?
The Eyes Just Won’t Blink..

Should I Fight
Into A Revolution..
What’s Right?
& Which is Wrong?
What Should I Do Sir?

Should I Hold Back
And Don’t Fight It..
Never Talk About It..
Should I Let Go?


Who Should Role A Dice Here?
Should Millions Die?
So Few Can Earn The Smile Of Theirs ?

It’s Crooked..
It’s Deep Into The System
The Stress Is Lot To Handle
How Can You Be Sorry?
This Is What You Wanted Earlier..

You Took A Decision
You Started A War
You Killing Millions
So You Could Earn Some More?

A Rich Getting Richer
Poor Still The Same
It’s All Clear Picture
& I Think You Should Be Blamed!

It’s Not War For The Rights
You Think It’s Your Right For The Profit
I Think The System Is Crooked!
Who Will Stop It?

Who Elects Them?
Who Overlooks?
Basking Into Pride And Glory Of The Flags

It’s All Hoax
Religion & Country
Just So To Divide & Rule..

We Are All The Same..
Under The Sky..


One Roof

One Roof


Written by A.P

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