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No Misery  &  No Pain
No crying
You know what I changed my name!
And I started living in this new place.

With great view of hope &
When I open the doors!
What comes running is life.
Hits with a amazing zest & surprise
Hip – Hip- Hurray And High Five!

Keeps me excited all day long.
Makes me sing stupid silly songs
I am awake, I am alive!

What’s there more to find!?
Laughter and smile?
Is this enough?
Will it suffice?
Not here to just survive
Moto is to thrive

I have it in my pocket
Just need to take out & stick it!
I am happy to be living

Just a little effort!
No sadness of depression
No burden, No pressure!
This rhythm keeps me happy for long.
This is my anthem, the song

No matter how bad it seems in times,
I’m sure its all in my mind
Everything is Fine…cause I’m breathing!
& It’s a sign of Life!..right!

No matter what!
Tomorrow a new beginning
Chance to love and be loved
It’s sure gonna be fun!
Gonna live very second & stun everyone!

Open Doors

Open Doors


Written by A.P

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