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If Not On The Lips
We Have It In The Eyes
They Speak It All
Feelings We Can’t Describe

Love And Care
In The Glittering Eyes
What We Like And Dislike
It Defines

We Can’t Disguise
Cause It Speaks The Mind
Eyes Portray The Picture
Of What We Speak Inside
In Our Self Time

Look Into Them
Till You Find
The Message They Convey
About The Life
Do They Shine?
Or Do They Always Cry?

Eyes Are The Mirror To The Soul
Even If Going Through
Suffering And It’s Toll
It Speaks Enough
You Don’t Need A Word More

What You Adore
Eyes Spills The Secret
Even If You Keep The Lips Closed
Even You Try And Hold

Feelings We Keep Quiet About
Eyes Speaks Them Out Loud
They Speak It All Out
Can You Hear What They Shout!?

Without Even Opening The Mouth
Eyes Speak With Clarity
Eyes Speak Of The Language
Which Lips Can’t Pronounce!

Out Loud

Out Loud


Written by A.P

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