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We Die
But Life Goes On

Foolish Is One
Who Is Always Sure
And Intelligent Is Skeptic
And Wanna Know More!

It Never Counts- Our Vote
All The Parties Are In Same Higher Control
What We Need To Think
We Are Shown

Divided By Boundaries
How Can We Go?
Restricted By Nationality
When Going To Explore

We Have Choices
But Limited In Scope
So Many Products
But Produced By Same Old
Monopoly Whoever Holds!

Police Serves People?
Actually They Serving To Corporate Goals
Government Is Free Spirit And Independent?
When It Sold It’s Soul!

Money flows And All The Attention Goes
Toward Rich
And Poor Ignored And
Dies Slow In Filth

We Are So Confident
Yet Truth We Don’t Know
We Are Too Busy To Ignore

We Are Moron For Sure




Written by A.P

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