Bare Bones

Bare Bones

Waiting for something To hear knock on the doorTimes fly byFeeling insecureOf things unsure I was born in excessNow it’s all bare boneI use to stand in a crowdNow scared to stand alone Looking at the stars In the distance always lies the cureUncertainty is consumingIn times of stress I was programmed to consumeTo feel… Read more »

Distorted Facts


What You See And HearAre They Really Facts?Times We Living In..Ignorance Is BlissReality Is Sad Misinformation Is Forced Fed, So You ReactPeople Gone CrazyActing MadEconomic Instability, PovertyRiots Are The Facts Dare To Face The Reality ?Propaganda Machine Running And It’s AftermathPlaces Burning, Everything Is Thrashed Everyone Staring With Folded Hands Facts Being DistortedNudging You To… Read more »

Delusion Of Grandeur

Delusion Of Grandeur

A Place where time stops But you still will be very slowA Place where water freezes And Stillness flows On your face winds will roarGasping as you goYour Delusion Of Grandeur Will find it’s cure Do you matter ?No you don’tA Place where you are no one And it will show Surrounding gets bigger and… Read more »



Panic, Chaos, MessFighting With The Man,Within The ManState Of Unrest Burning BuildingsBurning DesiresBurning DreamsBurning Flesh It’s ChaosWhere You Are.I’m Panicking Where I Am.Human And EarthCaving Under Stress Toxic ThoughtsPolluted AirClogged RiversCongested Chest Resources ConsumedFeelings Suppressed Everyone And Everything Put To TestPeople Dead InsideAnd Road Side Deaths No One Out There To Protect And ProtestBillions Crawling… Read more »


Drifting Alone

Missed The BoatLife Didn’t Take You Where You Wanted To GoToo Little, Too Slow How To Reach AshoreNot SureConfused, ScaredEvery Door Looks Closed Stuck In The Same PlaceYou Carry The Guilt Drowning From The LoadEmbarrassed Of Attention Grabbing Everything, Anything To HoldEveryone EnjoyingLaughing On The Boat The Idea Of It Allures Afraid Of The Place… Read more »

What A Jerk

What A Jerk

Consume And ConformEveryone Is Lost And HurtWe Go On Doing The SameConsume And Work No Questioning Why, What’s The Worth?Full Of Arrogance And HatredFuelled By Lust Serve Self FirstIt’s All For MeIT’S MINEI MUST, ME, ME, MEAbsurd Ignorant In My Own Little WorldBillions Of OthersUnaware Of Self And EarthQuenching My Materialistic Thirst For It, All… Read more »


Rest In Peace

Made Peace With Oneself Or Always In A QuestTowards Something ElseI Have Done This, Done That Now, What’s Next?After I DieHow Will I Find PeaceWill My Soul Rest Things Could Be BetterExpectation And Reality Never MetThis Is Good.But I Want The Best Always In QuestAm I Cursed Or BlessedAlways in Search Deep Water I Test… Read more »


Reality Is Sad

It’s Time To Think! It’s Time To Act! You Think You Are Thinker But Society Making You Dumb And Society Is Glad! It’s Time To Ask Question What? And How Is That? Start Asking Questions And Society Become Mad They Start Teaching You History Lessons How It’s Better Than What You Had! You Wanna Go… Read more »



Have You Ever Thought Your Mind Is Against You! There’s One Thought Then Another It Tests You! From Where You Are To Where You Will Be It Gets You! From The Present, To The Future Will You Make Through. There’s The Fight. You Against You. Fighting To See The Best To Which You Can’t Get… Read more »

Just Can't

Just Can’t

In Your Lost Moments No One To Hold Your Hand Words Losing Their Meaning – “I CAN?” In This Moment You Just Can’t It’s A Beautiful Day But When Things Go Out Of Plan When You Want To Take It All Out Just Go Out And Rant!! Unbearable You Keep Falling And Not Seem To… Read more »

  • Competitive


    I Have Gone To Far And Proud To Turn Back I Taught Myself To Live Without What I Thought Was Must Have I Have Gained The Freedom The Upper Hand On The Situation And Matter Of Facts It’s Always Ahead Now No Turning Back!! Me To Old Self- “Who Are You? The One You Looking… Read more »

  • Confrontation


    All The Choices You Make Sets In Motion A Force Which Can’t Be Traced Can’t Be Stopped No Matter How Long You Chase Consequences Of Your Decision You Can’t Escape Your Own Self You Are Left To Face “Is This Me? How I Have Changed!” You Start To See The Devil In Your Act Your… Read more »

  • Amores Perros

    Amores Perros

    Love Is Self Destructive You Don’t Care For What Ifs All You Care Is And For Whom With Blowing Ego,Pride, Self Esteem To Bits Going Lengths For One Wish To Please And Win Going On Destroying Each Other So Happily Ever After You Could Live All You Care Is To  Provide And Give Atleast In… Read more »

  • Nihilist


    There’s Nothing Right In Living Sad There’s Nothing Wrong In Happily Dying Is There Something Wrong In Committing Suicide With A Smile? Who’s To Decide? You!, With Your Prejudice! You Calling It A Crime? Don’t We All Think Of It The Meaning Of Life!? All The Suffering And Pain Tortures Thoughts Reside And Constant Fear… Read more »

  • Thinker


    You Are Figment Of Imagination Creation Of Your Mind! You Are Who You Think You Are! In That Particular Moment In That Space At That Time! A Partial Truth A Partial Lie! No Better Than The Next Person We All Play So Many Roles In Our Life The Same Body, Bones And Blood Body Which… Read more »

  • Sati


    Burn In Love Turn Into Dust Heart Let It Hurt Let It Take Over You So You Burn Self Destructive Thoughts Burst Full Of Doubts, Insecurities Even Yourself You Could Not Trust Consuming You Taking You Down All What You Believe Your Beliefs And Worth Nothing Left Be Sacred Ego, Pride All Die Break You… Read more »

  • Possessed


    TO BRANDON LEE..   Possessed By The Demon By The Spirit No Matter What He Won’t Give In He Is Back With The Living Gunshot To The Guts His Heart Still Beating! If Not Breathing Back On His Feet Even When He Don’t Feel It! He Never Gave Up He Never Stopped Dreaming Open Wounds… Read more »

  • Life


    You Walk Into Unknown With The Blindfold What Horrors And Wonders It Holds Behind The Door Makes You Smile And Cry! You Walk Into It.. Scared Where Have You Arrived Cold, Quiet And Calm Nights Scary Days, Noises And Lights 1,2,3….80 And You Die 80 Years Yet No Time It’s Confusing In Between How Fast It All… Read more »



    Guts And Torn Limbs On The Ground More Men Lost Than Found Agonizing Screams, Screech And Shouts Rain Pouring Down Sulphur In The Air And Dust Clouds You Are Standing In The Middle Another One In The Crowd Confusion And Chaos Doing Rounds Nothing To Eat Walking Town To Town Everywhere It Smells In Blood… Read more »

  • They Know Not

    They Know Not

    Be Careful Cause You Are Being Watched You Think You Are Being Ignored? But, You Are Not! Your Every Move Is Noted Your Every Word I Jot Quoted And Doted From Where You Started And Where You Stopped Your Every Deed Your Intentions Your Every Thought I’m Ticking I’m The Clock Call Me Karma Call… Read more »