Panic, Chaos, MessFighting With The Man,Within The ManState Of Unrest Burning BuildingsBurning DesiresBurning DreamsBurning Flesh It’s ChaosWhere You Are.I’m Panicking Where I Am.Human And EarthCaving Under Stress Toxic ThoughtsPolluted AirClogged RiversCongested Chest Resources ConsumedFeelings Suppressed Everyone And Everything Put To TestPeople Dead InsideAnd Road Side Deaths No One Out There To Protect And ProtestBillions Crawling… Read more »


Drifting Alone

Missed The BoatLife Didn’t Take You Where You Wanted To GoToo Little, Too Slow How To Reach AshoreNot SureConfused, ScaredEvery Door Looks Closed Stuck In The Same PlaceYou Carry The Guilt Drowning From The LoadEmbarrassed Of Attention Grabbing Everything, Anything To HoldEveryone EnjoyingLaughing On The Boat The Idea Of It Allures Afraid Of The Place… Read more »

What A Jerk

What A Jerk

Consume And ConformEveryone Is Lost And HurtWe Go On Doing The SameConsume And Work No Questioning Why, What’s The Worth?Full Of Arrogance And HatredFuelled By Lust Serve Self FirstIt’s All For MeIT’S MINEI MUST, ME, ME, MEAbsurd Ignorant In My Own Little WorldBillions Of OthersUnaware Of Self And EarthQuenching My Materialistic Thirst For It, All… Read more »


Rest In Peace

Made Peace With Oneself Or Always In A QuestTowards Something ElseI Have Done This, Done That Now, What’s Next?After I DieHow Will I Find PeaceWill My Soul Rest Things Could Be BetterExpectation And Reality Never MetThis Is Good.But I Want The Best Always In QuestAm I Cursed Or BlessedAlways in Search Deep Water I Test… Read more »


Reality Is Sad

It’s Time To Think! It’s Time To Act! You Think You Are Thinker But Society Making You Dumb And Society Is Glad! It’s Time To Ask Question What? And How Is That? Start Asking Questions And Society Become Mad They Start Teaching You History Lessons How It’s Better Than What You Had! You Wanna Go… Read more »



Have You Ever Thought Your Mind Is Against You! There’s One Thought Then Another It Tests You! From Where You Are To Where You Will Be It Gets You! From The Present, To The Future Will You Make Through. There’s The Fight. You Against You. Fighting To See The Best To Which You Can’t Get… Read more »

Just Can't

Just Can’t

In Your Lost Moments No One To Hold Your Hand Words Losing Their Meaning – “I CAN?” In This Moment You Just Can’t It’s A Beautiful Day But When Things Go Out Of Plan When You Want To Take It All Out Just Go Out And Rant!! Unbearable You Keep Falling And Not Seem To… Read more »

The Myth

The Myth

Boulder On Your Shoulders You Carry It To The Top You Do It Everyday You Do It Nonstop The Voices That Mocks : “Why Do You Do It Out Of It What Have You Got? You My Friend Are Struggling You Seems To Be Struggling A Lot” The Absurdity Of It Is You Think That… Read more »

Status Quo

Status Quo

What’s Your Status Quo? What Are You Aiming For? Are You Content With Self Or Absorbed By The Flow Of How To Collect More? Money, Fame, Power A Bigger Car, A Better House “Pretentious” A Never Ending Show What’s Your Status Quo? Playing The Game Called Possession Competing, Comparing Self With Others Sitting In The… Read more »

Ignorance Is Bliss

Ignorance Is Bliss

To Live And Die Innocent With Purity In Thoughts Away From The Greed And Evil And All Polluting Thoughts Ignorance Is Curse Or Bliss? When Innocence Is Lost May Fame And Fortune You Have It All! But Innocence Can’t Be Bought.. I Hope Your Heart Be Pure And May You Laugh A Lot! With Child… Read more »

  • Water


    Like Shelter From The Rain Can One Hide From The Pain? Thoughts In The Mind Going Insane And Insane Slow Clicking Of The Clock The World Around Stops You Feel Drowning In Self The Feeling Of Lost You Calculate And Calculate Burning With Anger Love Transforming To Hate Over Thinking Of The Mind Feeling Of… Read more »

  • AMEN!!


    Does Your Love Abandon In The Time Of Doubt? Or You Listen And Sit & Talk It Out? Of Course Words Are Deceptive Efforts Speaks Loud But Won’t You Listen? Is Your Judgement Effected By The Cloud? The Emotion, The Anger No Way The Brain Is Sound The Silence & The Self Talk And The… Read more »

  • You Decide

    You Decide

    Life Is A Dance And You Decide Your Song You Dance To It’s Tune You Dance All Life Long You Come Up With Steps You Keep Moving On You Feel The Energy Consumed Or You Feel The Groove With Your Decisions You Come Up With Your Moves You Can Feel The Rhythm Let It Take… Read more »

  • It Is OK

    It Is OK !!

    What We Think Is Not Much, What We Do Is Surely Required, What We Know Is Good! But How We Act…Should Be Justified! Sit In A Corner And Think Of The Life, Or Go Out In The Street And Roll The Dice, What Will Make A Bigger Difference? A Bigger Impact…Decide? What We Do For… Read more »



    UNTIL DEATH DO US PART! It’s no mystery, No one lasts.. Burning to ashes, Rising as a star.. Every one deserve a Chance! What will be your last words to the ones you loved? Why I’m here? Why stuck with him or her? Why Can’t we forgive..What’s been done? Is it too hard moving? Over… Read more »



    Om Asato Maa Sad-Gamaya | Tamaso Maa Jyotir-Gamaya | Mrtyor-Maa Amrtam Gamaya | Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih || Fight Without Anger Kill Without Hate I ORDER YOU ARJUNA OPEN YOUR EYES JUSTICE AWAITS Kill The Comfort THIS IS THE KARMA You Should Do It Now THIS IS THE DHARMA Your Fears Break You Your Ego… Read more »

  • Marathon Gone Wrong

    Marathon Gone Wrong

    I’m in a marathon Running towards the finish line.. I’m exhausted & Gasping But I’m running with a smile I’m enjoying Myself I’m enjoying the pride I’m running for the fun So to tell I’m happily alive Cheering, My fellow men all around Boosting my spirit Rhythmic claps & Sound I’m about to reach the… Read more »

  • Human


    I’m The Truth I’m The Reason I Can Do Whatever I Want I’m The Freedom I’m The Life I’m The Lies I’m The Society Broken By Boundaries Defined I’m The Human I’m The Eyes I’m The Energy I’m Alive I’m The Wind I’m The Sun I’m The Land I’m The Water That Runs I’m The… Read more »

  • Lifting The Veil

    Lifting The Veil

    Endless Variety Of Life And We Are Confined? We Leading The Paths Already Defined! There’s No Out Of Box We Think We Are Thinkers But We Are Not! WE ARE THE SAME OLD WE ARE THE SAME NEW FOLLOWING THE SAME! SAME! AND SAME!! Mind Set! We Never In Sense Of Originality Grew Open Minded?… Read more »

  • Abyss


    Out In The Cold With Nothing & Alone Nothingness Surrounds And The Wind Blows Memories & Thoughts And The Bones Getting Old Out In The Unknown Carrying Past Of Blood & Flesh Nothingness Surrounds Everyone Is Dead The People We Knew Are No Longer There The “Paper” That Ruled Now Rolling On The Floor And… Read more »