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You say, My writing is vague!
You never been there!
So with what & who you compare?

Did you just read the words?
What about hurt & heart hidden in this world!

So, You didn’t get the issue
I’m talking about
Let your heart crash to the ground
Then you know what is this sound

Right now it’s noise
Tomorrow it be music
Let me tell you
I’m what I’m
I need not prove it!

Just do it!
Just hold on the pen
To fuck the world
A painting is worth thousand words
My words will paint you a picture
& Speak about millions heart

It’s vague
I risk the stake
World is unpredictable
Who know where it takes

Today I hold the pen
Tomorrow I will hold the mic
Today few knows me
Tomorrow it be hard to hide

I Live in my own world
That’s right
I risk it!
Not you
So just smile

I’m high or low
I have my pen & A flow

Let me tell you about human mind!
It’s the best machinery ever created
But you can’t define!
It’s so complex
Emotionally charged at times

I’m painting you a picture
Hope this face is right
If it’s blur!
See in the mirror with your eyes

I Fuck you without thinking who you are!
Cause I know who am I!

You need eyes to see what I PAINT!




Written by A.P

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