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Life Is Weird,
The Day You Are Happy..
The Same Day
You Can Be Cleaning Up Your Tears

It Will Never Back Stab You
And Life Will Never Tap Your Back Too
Life Is Always With A Question
Tell Me – You Are Who?

What You Made Of?
Do You Got Anything New?
It’s You
Who Have To Stand Up..
Everyday Wear Your Shoes
When Hard To Walk
Try Taking A Step Or Two.

Life Sees Do You Give Up?
Or Do You Make Your Rules

Even When You Are Born
You Are First Made To Cry.
When You Cry It Means You Are Alive!
It’s Symbolic To Ever Coming Day And Time
Steal Every opportunity To Smile When It Passes By

It Makes Every Attempt So You Fall..
It’s Upto You Whether You Give Up
Or Show The Will To Stand Tall


Get Up And Fight Back
Why Covered With Dirt?
Rise Up!!
Control Is In Our Hand
Why Giving Up?

It’s All Good
You Will Do Great
Who Says You Have Lost?
Set Yourself Straight
In Every Situation We Can Have Our Way

It’s What We Decide
That Matters Not What Happened
Table Always Turns In The Game
Have We Given Into Hate?
Are We So Consumed By Debate?

Have We Lost The Sense Of Direction
By Mistake?
I Think No One Can Stop You From Being Great!
Be The One Tough Cookie
Hard To Break

Life Is Ones Lived
Time Will Never Shift
It Is Forever “Now”
So Do Things You Want!
What Gives?

Rise And Climb Back
To The Horse
Running Towards Dreams
With Peace In Mind
Climb To Highest Of Peaks!

When There!
Smile Or Happily Weep
Before That Dare You Stop
Dare You Sleep

Get Up Child
With Sense Of Pride
It’s The Need
You Are One Tough Cookie

Know Yourself
There’s No Limit
You Can Do Whatever You Want!
Craziness Be Drenched In It!

Normal Is Illusion
Don’t Be Conformist!
Know What You Made Of
And What Is Within?
It’s Star Dust
And Magic Is All In!

We Are Part Of Universe
So Big
But In Our Mind
We Mostly Live!

Feel The Power
Embrace The Pain
Feel The Paradigm Shift

Run Towards What You Want!
Run Until Legs Falls Off
You Are The Power
Show Everyone What You Got

Why Hide Behind The Tree
When You Are Made To Lead
Be The One Tough Cookie!

Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift


Written by A.P

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