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State Of Mind- Blind
But Eyes Open Wide
How Come And Why?
Cause Of Thoughts Running Wild

Opportunities Endless
And Earth Bright
But We Running Up And Down Same Road
Day And Night

Money, Ego Seems Right
For It Wars Are Justified
In The Name Of Spreading Peace
We Fight

Love And Be Selfless
And Be Termed Naive
In The Fast Pace Of Life
Don’t Stop To Smile

Competition So Tight
We Lost The Sight
In Order To Earn Living
We Stopped Living The Life

Billion Of People
And Few Seem Nice
Running Here And There
In The Maze
All Seem To Go With Purpose
But No One Knows What To Find!

All Looking Outside
For One Who Resides Inside
So Many Cast And Religions
For One Mankind!

Everyone Says They Want To Live
But It’s Fight To Survive
In Order To Spread Peace And Love
Why People Need To Be Sacrificed?

Why Is It Hard To Sit Quiet?
Or Do Something Kind?

Paradox Is We All Seem To Be Doing Things
But No One Knows Why
Any Clue?
In The End, What Is All This For?
What Do We Expect To Find?

We Never Seem To Be Living In Our Time
Standing In The Present
But Are In The Prison Of Our Mind!

We All Seem To Be Living..
But All Are Dead Inside!





Written by A.P


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