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You Are In For A Treat
As The Time Goes!
Your Fear, Worries And Woes
All Will Double As Life Unfolds
You Are In For Treat You Know!

It’s All About Money
Just One Big Hoax Means To Control..
Family, Friendship, Relationships
Romantic Notions Are Out Of Proportion Blown
Sappy Notions Being Sold..

“Do Good To Other”
These Are The Words Which People Loves To Throw!
But No One Does As Being Told
You Will Experience It
When You Will Be At The Cross Roads!

Being Good Is Each To His Own!
It’s A Competitive World
And It’s Cut Throat!
Greedy World Lives Behind The Door
Jealousy, Envy Is It’s Driving Force

Apathy In It’s Core!
Here You Gonna Get
More Than You Bargained For!
You Will Experience It’s Brutality And More
Any Justice You Will Experience – NO!!

Where Truth Will Be Suppressed
And Lies Will Flow!
Where World Teaches
You Will Be Better If You Ignore!
You Be Kept In Dark In Blind Fold!

Your Whole Life
Will Be Struggle To Gain Control!
Will You Attain It?
No You Won’t!

You Know You Will Die
At The End Of The Road!
No Matter What You Do Or You Don’t!
What All Will Happen
Will Leave You Bitter And Sore!

Gloomy Dance Floor!
Where You Might Have A Hand To Hold
Still Will Be Dancing In The Dark Alone!


Party Invitation!

Party Invitation!


Written by A.P

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