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You Got To Have The Craze!
To Go All Night And Day!
Get Inspired By Debates!
That Love For The Maze!
The Desire And It’s Flame!

That You And Your Passion No One Can Separate!
The Fire, The Blaze!
To Reach The Top
To Cherish That Haze
To Come Through It, Winning The Race!

That Your Passion Never Fades!
You Don’t Do It For Money Sake!
You Do It For You!
You Don’t Do It For Fame

You Do It For That After Taste
That You Just Love
And Only You Can Relate!
You Go Through Different Stage

You Learn And Experience It’s Every Phase
To Learn From Your Mistake
You Just Can’t Wait!
You Just Love To Face
Difficulty And Your Passion Never Shakes!

You Enjoy The Change
In Perspective From The Experience You Gain!
You Don’t Care What People Say!
Nothing Stops You!

You Think Too Much Is At Stake
To Apply The Breaks!
You Just Keep Going Night And Day!
With Will And Desire
That It’s Never Too Late!

To Do What You Like
And Your Passion You Chase!
You Fight Till The End
Tooth And Nail!

It’s Your Life
What You Anticipate!
Do The Same You Make?
You Never Give Up On Yourself And Your Passion!

Even If Seems Like Cliche!
You Don’t Care If People Think The Same!
You Go Your Way!
If You Dream Of It Night And Day!
Then You Are The One Called Passionate!!




Written by A.P

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