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What You Want Is What You Want!
It’s Not That Confusing..
But Do You Want It So Bad?
That You Start To Lose It!

Let’s Create Something
Both Shocking And Moving!
No Matter How Many Times You Been Hit!
How Many Stitches And Bruises !

Still You Get Up!
Cause You Wanna Do This!
Burning Desires And Agony Brewing!
Running After Idea Worth Pursuing!

What Is It?
Each To His Own! So You Choose It!
Where You Won’t Accept Losing
Even If Nerve Wrecking And Grueling!
Where You Will Go All Out Angry And Abusing

Giving Your Time Meaning
So Drunk On Emotions And Feelings
That There Be No Coming Back
No Sense Of Healing!

Desire That Crippling!
Drenched In Pain
Kicking And Screaming!
Spiteful Of The World
That All You Care Is What You Are Doing!

Let’s Give This Miserable Life
Reason Worth Living!
If Something Is Worth Doing
It’s Worth Overdoing!

In For A Penny, In For A Pound!

I’m Not Fooling!


Written by A.P

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