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Try To Change
The Game
And Turn Against
The Belief They Cloud In Our Brain

And Want Us To Maintain
Cause It Clouds Over The Truth
What A Shame
Society Been Controlled

By The Names-
Religion, Countries
Dieing For Some Glory
It’s All Just Companies

All The Controversies
Always Been Same
History Repeats Itself
We Had Our Share Of Debates

With Belief They Attack Us
And Try To Tame
Our Spirits
In Chains

People, Please!
Stop Going To Wars
And Turn Away From The Hate

“Love Thy Neighbor”
What Happened To This Phrase?

We Been Sent To Wars
Millions Killed So Far
What For?
So They Decide Who Will Control More!

Resource And Money
On Which They Wanna Take Hold
Rest All Is Just A Hoax!
They Want A Tighter Control!

Airtight With No Flow
Rules And Laws
They Change And Force

People, Please!
It’s The Belief
Cause Of Which We Overlook What We See
Listen To Me!

This Is Corporatism
Rest Are Stories
Make Believe!
It’s One Big Control Scheme!

People, Please!

People, Please!


Written by A.P

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