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I Feel Hollow Inside
And No Change
My Soul Burns
Down To Ashes From Flames

All The Struggle And Fight
Seems All In Vain
Lost In The Night
Riding The Thoughts Train

Seeking Path
Seeking Self
Fighting The Shame
Of Being Same

When Hope Be Lost
Who Is To Be Blamed?
Will There Be More For Me
Performing On The Life’s Stage

When My Part Ends
Who Will Take My Place?
Does It Ever Matter
What We Chase

When My Path Be Lost
Will I Lose My Faith?
On The Road To No Where
A Dead End- Inevitable Fate!

Soul Burned Down To Ashes From Flames!
Smoke Rises To Sky
Covering The Sun
Under The Shade

Do I Live Here Forever
Do I Lose My Self
Or It’s Never Too Late
To Start Again
Phoenix Is My Name!




Written by A.P

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