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What Do We Want?
Where Will We Stop?
When Will We Rest?
Is This Really The Best?

Should We Keep Going On?
Should We Keep Digging More?
What Is The Search For?
Costlier Ore?

Which Planet Will We Reach?
Is There Any Water Or Being?
What Else Can We Keep?

Should We Not Take Care Of It?
The Planet We Live, What Is All This?
Are We Trying To Explore Or Exploit?
Why Are We Constantly Destroying?

Given Up On Earth Already?
Won’t We Survive?
Is This Really Necessary?
To Ignore Others Life

I’m In A Pickle
In Search For The Truth And The Right
Inside The Laws And Court Will I Be Able To Find?
Are They Really Meant For Man Kind?

What Is Society Define?
People In General Living In Communities
And Are In Controlled State Of Mind
Obey The Rules
Else Pay Fines

Why Are Humans Blind?
Doing Their Jobs And Obliged
With Loans And Interest Rates
That Are Too High
We Being Controlled
And Being kept In Hold Under The Surveillance And Sight

Contracts Of Not Disclosing The Truth Are Being Signed
Lawyers On The Fights
Hospitals Pumping Pills With Side Effects
And Big Bills
Junk Food That kills

Government Doing Wrong To People
And Corporates Shines
In The Name Of Truth
We Been Sold Lies
We Get It With Side Of French Fries

Companies With Crimes
Doing Wrong To Nature And Animals

I’m In A Pickle
But Hey We Get French Fries
With Junk Food
We Being Satisfied

And With Propaganda
We Being Replied!

Pickle With Fries

Pickle With Fries


Written by A.P

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