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Dawn Of The Dark Age!
The Day
We All Evolved From Apes
Top Of The Food Chain
And Other Animals We Cage And Prey!

Nothing We Learned
But To Accumulate Hate!
All The Struggle, Wars And Constant Debates
We Taught Ourself To Communicate

We Invented Things- Tire, Fire
And Tools We Learned To Operate
From Other Animals Which Separate
But How We Act Is Pure Shame!

Now We Are In Building Then Were In Caves!
We Started Wearing Clothes
Went Through Many Phase
But There Is No Humanity
It’s All Charade

The Way We Portray
Other Humans And Animals We Slay
From Single Cell Organism To Apes To Humans
We Went Through Many Stage
All The Intelligence Gone To Waste

The Way We Behave!
It Degrades
The Quality Of Life Around Us Into A Nasty Shape!
Trying To Occupy Land And Space
Endless Turf Wars

As Far As We Can Gaze!
Destruction And We Like The Blood
And How It Taste!
And Afterwards We Make Statues Made Of  Clay
And Name Them A National Holiday!

Horrifying Things We Generate!
Chemical And Nuclear Warfare
Destruction We Create!
Why Can Anyone Explain?

Is It Too Late
To Start Back Again?

To Let Go Of killing
And Mend Our Ways!
To Love Each Other
No Matter Who We Pray
Whatever Be Our Name!

Planet Of Apes!
Why Do We Never Give?
And Just Want To Take?
Money, Control And Power

Will It Ever Change?
Or Will We Be Our Own Destruction
Killing Others In Pointless Chase!
There Is No Where To Go

On The Earth We have To Stay!
At This Rate
No One Will Be Left
And Who Is To Be Blamed?
Planet Of Apes!

“The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Planet Of Apes

Planet Of Apes


Written by A.P

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