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Till Proven Guilty
Even If I Did It
Still I Don’t Feel Filthy

There’s No Evidence On The Crime Scene
I Control It All
I’m One With The Schemes

Bring Some Hard Evidence
To Prove That I’m Bad!
Or Trails After Trails Lets Keep Doing That
My Conscious And Me Just Don’t Chat

I Feel Nothing
Cause Against Me, No Proof You Have
I Burn It All
Destroy The Evidence
So I Never Fall

I Know I Did
I killed
But Who Can Prove?
I Can Bring The Best Lawyers
And They Will Take It Through

Judge And Jury Can’t Do Nothing
Without A Proof
In The System
I Figured Out The Loop

I Will Get Through The Hole
And Come Shining New
I’m The One With Power, Money And Fancy Suit!

Tell Me What Can You Do?
Try But No One Will Listen To You
I’m The One Who Control The News
Hence Over Masses I Rule

I’m The Authority
And With Propaganda, I Make People Fool
I Feed Stories And Clues
That Are Far From The Truth

But Masses Follow
As I Want They Should
I Brain Wash And Do Whatever I Could

I’m The One With Authority
Power And Money
I’m Innocent
Till Proven Guilty!




Written by A.P

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