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Now I Start,

Inside I Suffocate
A huge urge to make my way!
I Take the Plunge
Falling from sky realizing I’m Hurt!

Wounds open wide
Flashback from the life
I see a boy

Who wanted to make big!
Dreamed so high..
& Never realized to what to stick

What he actually wanted
Where to go? What to do?
All I see is a boy who wanted to make a break through

Made people so close
& Those faces never go
Why & Where they gone?
He don’t know

For him everyone is in his mind
Every time he closes his eyes
He find memories
Something that never dies!

Even if it was make believe
He lived the moment & He believed in it!
Wanting to make truce with life
He plunged & Thought to end it all this while
All he wanted to do was die!

In Sky!
Nothing hurts
Amazing wind & Sound of fast beating heart!
Ending the game..
He played enough!

All what he thinks
All the thoughts
All the voices inside he wanna shut up

May be it’s good
Ending what hurts the most!
Plunging to death to live a better life
A Journey unknown

May be he was pessimistic or world changed him
Don’t stop let him do this!

To live a better life he must die
It’s all about controlling your mind
I decided to say goodbye!

So old memories & Pessimistic side
You better die!

It’s not about ending life
But to focus on better side
Hope you get the point

The Pessimist Is DEAD!!
It’s Not A Murder
But It’s A Suicide..
It’s Gonna Be All Good And Alright

In One Life Getting The Chance To Live Twice

Plunge For Better

Plunge For Better


Written by A.P

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