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All The News They Shoot!
Brave Soldiers On Their Foots
Marching Bravely
For The Greater Good!

We Are Misinformed And Used
Fear And Censorship Are Their Tools
In The Name Of Peace Terrible Things  They Do
It’s All About Oil And It’s Loot!

Controlling Masses
With Endless T.V Shows In Loop
New Channels Daily Introduced
And Covering The Truth!

So We Be Ignorant Of The Facts
And Our Reasoning Is Reduced
Entertaining Us
Keeping Us Amused!

Giving Us One Sided Stories
They Directing Our Opinions And Views
We Given The Options
So Many Channels To Choose
But All Work For The Same Evil Who Rules!

Terrorist Who?
The Ones Wearing Mask In The Breaking News
Or The Ones In The Official Suit??
It’s Subterfuge!




Written by A.P

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